By Rakesh Vuppu On April 17th, 2020

An image is being shared on Facebook claiming that people in Kalabari district participated in a ‘Chariot pulling’ festival despite the current lockdown in the country. Let’s check the claim made in the post.

The archived version of the post can be found here

Claim: Image of people participating in a ‘Chariot pulling’ festival in Kalabari district (Karnataka) despite the current lockdown in the country.

Fact: The image is old and is that of a ‘Chariot pulling’ event in Koppal district (Karnataka). It was found to exist on the internet at least since 2017. So, the claim is FALSE.   

When screenshots of the video were subjected to reverse image, an article of ‘Deccan Herald’ was obtained in the search results. The article was published on 09 January 2017 and the image had the following description – ‘POPULAR Gavisiddeshwara Rathotsava in progress’. Gavisiddeshwara Jathre’ is a religious procession at Gavimath in Koppal district (Karnataka). As part of that festival, a ‘Rathotsava’ is held wherein people pull a chariot and carry out a procession. So, the image is old and related to a ‘Chariot pulling’ festival in Koppal district (Karnataka). Also, there is no Kalabari district in Karnataka.

However, it was found from an ‘ANI’ tweet that a similar event was carried out in Kalburgi district of Karnataka on ‘16 April 2020’; wherein people in large numbers have participated in a religious festival despite the existing lockdown to contain COVID-19 transmission. More details about this event can be read here.

To summarize, an old unrelated image shared as ‘People in Kalabari district participated in Chariot pulling festival despite the current lockdown’.

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Originally published at Factly