By Rakesh Vuppu On April 9th, 2020

A video is being widely shared on Facebook and it has the following text with it- ‘Famous Kaanipaakam temple has been converted into Quarantine center. The worst part is all are Muslims and ROAMING freely with chappal inside the temple’. Let’s analyze the claim made in the post.

The archived version of the post can be found here

Claim: The Government of Andhra Pradesh has made Kanipakam temple a quarantine center for coronavirus suspects.

Fact: The building in the video is not Kanipakam temple, it is a pilgrim lodge (‘Sri Ganesh Sadan’) in Kanipakam that is being used as a quarantine center by the Andhra Pradesh government. So, the claim made in the post is FALSE.   

When one goes through the video carefully, a board with the name ‘Sri Ganesh Sadan’ can be seen on the building.

So, when searched on Google with the text ‘Sri Ganesh Sadan Kanipakam’, a pilgrim lodge is found to exist with that name in Kanipakam. When one goes through the photos of that lodge, the building in the video can be seen. So, it is not a temple as claimed in the post. As it is a lodge, people can be seen wearing footwear in Google photos too.

An article of ‘Eenadu’ with the news that ‘Sri Ganesh Sadan’ will be used as a quarantine center in Kanipakam can be read here.

To summarize, the quarantine center seen in the video is not Kanipakam ‘temple’; it’s a ‘pilgrim lodge’ in Kanipakam.

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Originally published at Factly