By Rakesh Vuppu On April 14th, 2020

A video is being shared on Facebook with the claim that UP Police caught ‘Coronavirus jihadists’ at Chor Bazaar. Let’s analyze the claim made in the post.

The archived version of the post can be found here

Claim: Video of Uttar Pradesh Police catching ‘Coronavirus jihadists’ at Chor Bazaar.

Fact: The video is that of an ‘anti-terror attack’ mock drill conducted by the Bikapur Police in Ayodhya (UP). So, the claim is FALSE.   

In the video, a board with the text ‘Chor Bazaar- Faizabad’ can be seen. So, when searched on the Twitter account of ‘Ayodhya Police’, a tweet by them regarding the video was found. In that tweet made on 5 April 2020, upon asked by a user to clarify the context of the video, the Ayodhya Police clarified that it is a ‘demo’ video. They also attached another tweet, dated 4 April 2020, with the information that the video is a part of an ‘anti-terror demo’. In another tweet of Ayodhya Police, they enclosed a news report of that mock drill conducted up by the Bikapur Police.

To sum it up, a video of an ‘anti-terror attack’ mock drill is being shared as ‘Coronavirus jihadists arrested in UP’.

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Originally published at Factly